International Marathon Zanzibar Bwejuu-Makunduchi

Welcome to the African Marathon Challenge. Zanzibar is a a great spot to run.

This is the second edition of the Int'l Marathon Zanzibar South-East Coast. We will run the white beaches of coral sand and rocks (low tide 08:11 AM) between Bwejuu and Makunduchi in the south east of Unguja. Unguja is the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago. The way back to Bwejuu will follow paved and unpaved roads. We will cross an intresting archaeological site (a cave in the coral reef limestone) and the villages of Jambiani and Paje before finishing in the tropical garden of Mustaphas Place in Bwejuu. 




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Fotos Sep. 2018:

Days in Bwejuu

Race day 2018 © Suma A. Hadji

Spice Farm

Beach Cleaning Day

Foodfestival © Suma A. Hadji

Marathon Guesthouse I

Marathon Guesthouse II


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