2nd Ile-Ife Heritage Marathon, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

...organized by Adedayo Akinbode


I, Adedayo Akinbode, am the African Ambassador of Marathon Globetrotters, a global club of over 300 international runners who have goals of running marathons in all countries of the world. Part of my duties in the role is to facilitate how members can run marathons in African Countries. I have personally run marathons in 25 countries to date, flying the Nigerian flag as I cross the finish lines to promote Nigeria in a positive light to the world.

I am retired from Shell Nigeria Exploration And Production Company and will be volunteering my time as a service to the community that nurtured me as a teenager.

The goodwill built over the years and my personal network in the international and local running community will definitely be a plus to enable me roll out this event.

In addition, I am a trustee member of the Bridge Pacers Sports Club (BPSC), a non profit making organization seeking to promote wellness amongst the general populace by encouraging fitness activities and providing platforms to create awareness.

BPSC is based in Lagos and has organized severalrunning events which cover distances ranging from 5km road runs to the club's popular annual Half Marathons in Lagos.
These races usually attract entries in the range of 100 to 150 runners.

Following the success of staging four consecutive annual Half Marathon events as a member of BPSC,I have the experience to organise a full marathon (42km).

The choice of staging the Marathon in Ile Ife is because Ile Ife has a strategic location to conduct a long distance run with scenic views along the route that showcase the Yoruba heritage and culture. The marathon route of 42km will bring the participants to pass thorugh the city centre, the beautiful Obafemi Awolowo University Campus,savor the beauty of the lush green vegetation and end up enjoying the ambience of the cradle of the Yoruba people.

I organized a 48 km event at my Alma Mater the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife  to celebrate my 48th birthday in 2015. I wanted to give back to the society where I obtained my first degree . The money generated from that successful event was donated to the Obafemi Awolowo University's Department of Physical Education.

Benefits To The Community
Hosting an International marathon in Ile ife will mean economic growth for the community in the areas of hospitality, transportation and small scale enterprises.

In addition, a successful outing will result in placing Ile Ife on the world runners map and enhance the name as a vibrant Resort City.

Mutual Benefit
The major benefit of this tourism sports to the government of Osun State will be the generation of revenue from the influx of international runners and their supporters to the Historic Town.

Plans also include having the Events Medal designed by an indigenous student who will emerge from an arts competition amongst interested indigenous students of the town.
It is believed this will spark and light creativity amongst the students.

Several volunteers will be required for the distribution of Race packs, handing out of refreshments during the race, directing runners during the race and handing out of medals at the completion of the race. The opportunity provided to volunteer and allowances paid to the volunteers will be worthwhile.

A platform will be created by the staging of the event for indigenous craftsmen and women to display and sell their crafts to runners and supporters who will want to go back home with a piece of souvenir to remind them of Ile Ife.

I expect that the Great Ife International Marathon will grow to become the best organized marathon event in Nigeria targeting an estimated 200 runners from Nigeria and all across the world.



  • Kevin Brosi, President, Marathon Globetrotters
  • Dr Olorunsola, Faculty of Physical Education, Obafemi Awolowo University , Ile Ife
  • Charles Oranyeli, Contracts Manager, Shell Nigeria Exploration And Production Company, Lagos